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Flavor and Beauty of Vietnam's UNESCO Sites

Hoi An is a shopping mecca, with tailor shops lining the narrow streets from Tran Hang Dao Street to Le Loi, and everywhere in between. Some people brought photos and designs of clothes to be made, since custom-made clothing is so inexpensive and can be ready within 24 hours or less.
The city showcases not only clothing shops but also an array of art galleries, cafés, and high-quality restaurants. Ly Café 22, run by chef/owner Miss Ly, serves unforgettable fried rice, which has lingered on my taste buds since.

Natural Wonders of Vietnam

Also located in Vietnam's south is the Cat Tien National Park, forming 720 km² of tropical rain forests. While the park's fauna may be under threat, it is impressive nonetheless. Large animals such as the Javan rhino, Asian elephant, bear species and buffalos can be spotted on Vietnam holidays here. And the smaller animals are here in impressive numbers too, with species of gibbon, macaques, deer and shrews all habituating within the park. Birds too, are remarkable in their numbers, with beautiful species such as white-winged ducks, Siamese firebacks, great hornbills and black eagles all residing there.

Enjoy These Ten Places In Vietnam

If you want to go boat riding, then you should visit Ho Xuan Huong, which is also called Xuan Huong Lake. This is located in Dalat and is a favorite among tourists who want to get some peace and quite. This is also a favorite spot of honeymooners as they stroll hand in hand along the banks of the lake.
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