Paradise cruise Halong bay


+ Paradise Cruises....THE BEST ON THE BAY!

Probably the most expensive cruise but so definately worth it....the best boat, the best food the best service....couldnt fault it at all......and would recommend it to anyoneone who wants a bit of luxury in their lives!

+ Paradise cruise !

we recently spent 3 days on the paradise cruise line. Everything was great here. My family with 2 kids(10,13) really enjoyed the cruise. halong bay is very beautiful. what sets paradise cruise apart from the other boats is that it docks from its own island, unlike all the other boats jumbled together on shore. The boat seemed to get to the excursions quicker than the other boats so there were no real traffic or crowds. The food was good. We enjoyed the breakfast a lot. The dinner was also good, but it was a set menu so you couldn't choose what you wanted. The staff were really friendly. The cruise manager charlie was really nice and made sure everything was up to satisfaction. I would highly suggest to do the 3 day instead of the 2 day. I think the 2 day is not long enough to see all of halong bay. on our boat there was another couple that went with us the extra day of excursion. The extra day, we actually go on another boat, and travel to an island where we do a lot of kayaking(especially through caves), and bicycling on an island visiting an old village. If you have the time definitely do 3 days. the boat was new and clean. wake up early for tai chi lessons, and great time to take pictures of the peaceful bay around sunrise. becareful of jellyfish in the bay, atleast when we were there. overall great cruise. more expensive, but worth it.



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